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Muddy Creek II [25 Apr 2006|12:57am]
Well this weekend was pretty awesome. Friday I headed home from school and felt like an idiot at Advanced Auto parts, buying things for my car well I'm just not good at it....So i think I won't do that anymore. Well after the advanced auto parts adventure I went to the house. I later got up with Tiffany and packed my bags took my sister home and headed out to her house. Where we bought cool things at Wal-mart and then went out. That was quite an adventure in itself. That night I got in bed at like 5 something and got up early to go and see Krista and Kendra get ready for prom. Erica came up to my house that night and we hung out and she stayed the night cause we went to Muddy Creek! Which was awesome as always.

The whole Muddy Creek adventure was well exciting but not as exciting as last time lol. It was Aaron, Aaron Wallace, Josh, Some guy that I know his name but can't think of, A.J., Niki, Erica, and I that went. After Muddy Creek we went to the movies, and then to eat and finally home! I will give the highlights from the adventure even though this entry is already way long.

*Niki bought a cool lighter at DK

* Josh Attacked me for my purple lighter

*Josh also decided he wanted to write a letter of complaint to Wal-mart

* Visiting II wal-marts in one day

* watching the super-fast kid beat all the other kids asses by a long shot

*Leah = Ford Explorer.....I think Not

* Steak Sauce and Babies

*HIGH SCORE #1 on Lucky and Wild

* AJ breaking his shoe during the movie and having to go to wal-mart again

*AJ and the Pineapple god are like this

*A.J. to the second power

All in all Muddy Creek was awesome, and so was hanging out with my friends since we haven't got to spend much time together since we all have School and well most of us (except for me lol) Have flippen Jobs. Can't wait for this summer, hopefully that will give me more time to Hang out with the best Cousin ever (Tiffany) and my Pals!

p.s. i cheated and put this on myspace 2.

Check ya later...Leah
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Cowboy hats, Muddy creek and LIfe's little lessons [03 Apr 2006|01:14am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I am cheating and posting this on both here and my Livejournal cause I am being LAZY.....and I have to get up at the crack of dawn to head back to School. Today was a interesting day to say the least. First we learned many quality life lessons lol. Like the word Soon pretty much sums of everything like for instance The meaning of life is....Soon, or at least that is what the Moonlight theater thinks cause that was what was posted on their sign. We also learned today if we say what we are not going to do the next time we come back to muddy creek we should probley write it down so we don't forget it! Like number 1) we need to bring a 4-wheeler or some sort of device to take us around the mile long track to the Bathroom! 2) if in forgetting such device do not wear flip-flops because we decided that walking five miles in flip flops are no fun so um word to the wise 1 mile on rocky surface isn't any better. 3) We should bring my dog Tiki just cause that would be cute lol and finally the best muddy creek lesson of all is 4) Idiots bring sunscreen cause if you don't well haha you will sooo pay for it later! which brings me to the Subject of my major sunburn. I will now be accepting Applications for someone to help me with the aloe vera cause I am in pain. 4) If you break down try not to do it at a scary flea-market where people go by you and are like hmmm looks like you have a flat there. Cause then your like Oh really I hadn't notice I just thought a nice stroll would be awesome. 5) Always I mean Always check your Wal-mart receipts because sometimes they charge you for two thing but you only get one and then that is never good. Can't forget the best Life lesson of all a Reveloution is not a Reveloution without Dancing or so says the mask Guy on V for Vendetta or how ever you spell that!

There were six of us that headed out to muddy creek AJ and Niki of course since Aj was the major reason we went, Erica and I as well as Jeremy and his Girlfriend Kat .but the fun news about our adventure (besides the flat cause that is always a fun experience lol) is on the way to muddy creek while getting our flat fixed Niki, Erica, and I bought Cowboy hats we just wanted to look cool...but found out they serve a greater purpose by not allowing my face to be majorly burned. Though they did charge me for 2 hats instead of one in which i had to call customer service, and be like um excuse me I only got one hat, the sad part in all of this is i didn't realize that had happend till we actually reach muddy creek lol. I also got a new shirt which made me happy and sunglasses that broke and I returned for another pair.

The movies was fun...I hadn't been out to see a movie since I think Supercross came out, which was well seems like forever ago really. It was an enjoyable experience plus Niki, Erica and I kicked ass and Wild n Lucky some old video game that was susposed to be for two people but haha I drove, and they shot people we're not violent really I swear lol.

Red Lobster was awesome 2. I hadn't been there in forever I think i could live off there cheese biscuit things cause they are kick ass. Our waiter was pretty funny to which was a plus. Hehe Six of us there and well we were pretty loud, but he took it ok. though they did sit us in a corner all by ourselves I don't blame them. Dad called while we were there and told me it was storming and i was like cool I guess, then not 2 seconds later Tiff called and I couldn't talk to her for long cause they were cracking me up. Jeremy was also on his phone and it sounded like we were talking to each other cause when one of us said something i swear the other was like really or yeah we that is cool. it was a bit strange. But alas I need to find the aloe and medicate myself with it Peace Out.

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Wow it has been forever [26 Mar 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

It seems like it has been forever since I have gave an actually LJ Update! Can't say that I have really had all that much to Update about though. I haven't really been in too much trouble over the past little bit. But rather than make this a long boring account of my normal everyday life I am going to give some quick highlights over the past little bit and then someday soon when I am thourghly bored once again I will give a good update!

* My sister has surpassed me in the fun department... THe little flasher
* School still sucks majorly but i got my mid-terms 2 A's and 3 B's (IT surprised me)
* I hung out with my friends Spring break which was cool cause it wasn't at BDD!!!
*Got my eyeliner tattoo'ed on
* Got a new tattoo
*Went and stayed with Tiff Saturday night.

But all I am saying about Saturday is That........... I WIN


[08 Mar 2006|12:23am]

Snow White

Snow White
You are a sweet, generous, and kind person who loves to sing and dance. You are a very good cook, and you have tons of friends. You love animals, laughing, and you are a hopeless romantic. Some may call you a dreamer, but you have the courage to make your dreams come true!

Which Disney Princess are You?
(by *Crazy Dannielle*)

[20 Feb 2006|11:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm not going to make this a really long entry because i would probley put myself to sleep if i did so, but i will try to summerize my past week or so.

In short I've been sick! for about i guess two weeks now maybe, not this past weekend, but the weekend before i came down with Bronchitius and Laringitius or however you spell it. I didn't come back to school till that weds. and I am still coughing and so forth from it.

My dorm room floor decided that it wanted to flood what else is new? It started to mold really bad to causing it to stink and we got those stupid silver fish bugs that come out of the mold and so forth, so we called matiance once again and they were here friday trying to fix it! Hopefully they did this time, they even shampooed our carpet so it smells nice and fresh. Though when i got back on sunday because it was snowing and so forth all our stuff was piled up on the beds where the men came and cleaned the carpet!

I saw my friend Niki on Friday, cause mom, dad and hope went down to BDD after the funeral that they were going to. That was an intresting night, Zack Triplett made my day though! I think that had been the first time i had laughed really hard all week. Thanks Zack!

Saturday I went to Becky's house to celebrate her birthday and wish Uncle Lyle well. Along with Mommo, Mom, Dad, and Hope. 4-wheel drive broke on the way up there which sucked.

Sunday I went to wal-mart with Mom,Mommo, and Hope. We saw my poppo and nan there. Poppo bought me food yay! I also went to fashion bug and got 3 shirts and a new pair of shoes! I love shoes.

Nothing really went on today, I had 2 classes and couldn't do work study cause JBS didn't have school. Tommarrow I have class at 9:30 and 11. And work study if JBS has school.


The value of a woman [10 Feb 2006|12:48am]
"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, But from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

BINGO [20 Jan 2006|01:51am]
[ mood | creative ]

So as the title may have alluded to, I went and played Bingo tonight! I so totally bingoed on the last game go me lol, I thought i would pee on myself i was sooo excited (almost as excited as I will be at amish country LOL).

As we all have heard I am having a Party on Sat lol this is my Open invitation to all my friends that I have not had the time to personally invite lol, cause well i have been busy, and at school, and well Have talked to the most important people already lol NIKI and ERICA of course! Hopefully we will have a blast, and not hurt ourselves terribly bad lol. but remember R.S.V.P. (LOL).

School is going ok, I like my Physical Science class so far, as well as Applichian Lit, especially since we are discussing Moonshine, Pot, and Methanphedmin (Or however you spell it lol), Lingusitics there is only 6 people and i think that one may give me trouble. Aerobic Dance kicked my Ass though I have that Class with Ness. I haven't had my other two monday classes cause they are only on mondays!

But other than that it is about all. Hopefully Krista doesn't have to work on Sat well all day anyways so that she can pimp me out for the party lol. I would hate to have to kidnapped her for that cause.

but catch you all later,

3 ♥ Epiphanies*

back at the lloyd [16 Jan 2006|10:10pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well I am back at the lloyd once again! Pretty much sucks really. I have to register in the morning at around 8 or so, that is why i returned today, I don't have classes till Weds. Sucks majorly. LOL wish i could go home tommarrow after i reg. then come back out wed morning.

But i already feel this weekend will be awesome!!! It best be lol. Celebrating the big 21 just a few weeks late lol, as long as it doesn't snow or something crazy like that. My luck it will dang it.

But i will update more thourghly later,



[09 Jan 2006|10:59pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Tonight I was sitting here bored outta my mind trying to find something decent to watch on tv. Which was getting to be pretty hard cause nothing really come on monday nights. Well i stumbled upon TLC (The Learning Channel) and there was a doctumenty on titled Being Terri. It made me cry! It was about this small girl whose whole body was burned in a fire. She had no hair and it would never grow back, Her little hands were destroyed as well, and her face was badly disfiuged, most of her ears were gone. The one thing that struck me most was through all of this she was happy! Though i got soo mad when her grandmother took her to the store and people gave her the worst looks, disgusted looks because of her outside apperance, She was only five for goodness sakes. She isn't even my child but i would have liked to slap a few faces in that grocery store. She just wanted to be normal, live a normal life, but yet this beautiful child will forever live with the scrutiny of everyone else, face cruel words because she doesn't fit in the range of "normal" and be endlessly teased. She is five years old and has already undergone 17 surgeries to help repair the damage,surgery will be something she faces the rest of her life, though she finally got a finger and a thumb, something that most people take for granted. She got a brand new wig and you should have seen the joy that filled her little eyes, she was excited about hair. I complain about my hair at least 20 times everyday wishing it was something diffrent than what it was she was just happy to have hair. That little girl was beautiful inside and out I just wanted to take her in my arms and hold her shielding her from the cruel stares and the hateful world. When I watch things like this I feel angry and ashamed at the behavior of the world, and it is hard for my mind to fathom why we have to be so cruel. Why can't we just accept people the way they are, no questions ask. Then the world would be perfect though and that isn't plausible in this life I guess.


Happy New Year Everyone [31 Dec 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well it is time for another new year, another year filled with hopefully more joy and laughter than any one of us have ever hoped for. Another clean start, another chance to make things right, or to simply do things right the first time.

Christmas was wonderful with my family, I spent two wonderfilled days with them just enjoying their company and trying not to worry so much, the outside world didn't matter, all that mattered was that I shared moments with people I loved and they loved me in return. Though i regret I didn't spend as much time reflecting on the reason of christmas as much as I should. I wish now I had stopped to say thanks for God giving his only son so that I could live. I listened to "what child is this" the day after chirstmas, and it brought tears to my eyes just thinking of what sacrifices not only God and Jesus had to go through but what sacrifices Did Mary have to endure to have her son, her baby grow up and die for the people of the world. The Pain must have been almost unbearable. She knew what his destiny was and she couldn't stop it she couldn't protect her baby, had to let him fufill it.

This New Year, I want to be a better person. I haven't been a very good one it seems lately. My moods haven't been the best it seems, and I'm always complaining. I need to look at life from a better perspective. Not worry so much on how I can help myself, but how I can be a help to others. I want to change the world but I need to realize I can't do it all by myself it is going to take some time to make an impact but I can help by making small contributions. I think i am going to start visiting the Nursing Home near the college at least once a week to see if I can make some diffrence there.

Anyways Happy New Year Everyone


Stole this from everyone lol [24 Dec 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Go to google.com and type "(your name) needs" [don't forget the quotes]. Then list the funniest 10 results ♥

Princess Leah’ needs saving

Leah needs lots of play

Leah needs to shed the pounds and the sooner the better

Leah needs your prayers

Leah needs a sponsor.

Leah needs no introduction

Leah needs a home without cats

Leah needs a good home too

Leah needs more ‘adult’ company

Leah needs to know everyone's business

Also Merry Christmas to everyone


Good 12 Days and Bad 12 Days [17 Dec 2005|07:15pm]
The Twelve Days of Christmas
for leah_geiger:
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1stjwallace17Two pounds of candy apples
2ndlija_31320 year old wine
3rdericamackeyBatman’s super belt
4thkendra_21A rock tumbler
5thkendra_21A Freddie Krueger mask
6thblue_eyes72A life jacket from the Titanic
7thericamackeyFour pet turtles and a canister of green ooze
8th39kkdYour own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
9thashleyandjus10A single strand of tinsel for your tree
10thbeav_5Their business card
11thzacharytriplettA mousetrap
12thblue_eyes72A sack of potatoes and a potato carver
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The Twelve Days of Christmas
for leah_geiger:
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1stolivia_athenaA lite brite with a dirty message inscribed
2ndolivia_athenaa sex slave
3rd39kkdA all expense paid trip to the Red Light District
4thshorty_28an invitation to the first ever zero-gravity space orgy
5thdopey80a big, sloppy kiss
6thshorty_28LED christmas anal beads
8ththe_anderson00A $120 blunt
9thlija_31A nude portrait of your done from memory - when they were standing outside your bedroom window
10thericamackeyA all expense paid trip to the Red Light District
11thdopey80a pubic hair trimmer
12thkendra_045A bottle of everyman's Viagara
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Tiki's Fine [15 Dec 2005|11:46pm]
She was pretty drunk and disoriented today for the most part but she made it through the night and at around 5 or so got back to her old happy self. Thank heavens.

[14 Dec 2005|11:32pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Well Guys quick update, Tiff has had her surgery and is on the road to recovery. Tonight major crisis at my house Tiki got swallowed a pill a Ginger repeat all over again if i do say so myself. We gave her some activated charcoal to suck up and absorb the meds. cause that is what the vet clinic did for Ginger back Dec. 23 and 2002, hopefully she will pull threw alright. I will let you all know in the morning!

Love Leah


[13 Dec 2005|07:32pm]
Hey everyone remember Tiffany in prayers she is having surgery tommarrow!!!

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August I gave beav_5 a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Wednesday I helped ashleyandjus10 hide a body (-173 points). Last week I pulled over and changed lija_31's flat tire (15 points). Last Sunday I punched b_nikita in the arm (-10 points). Last Tuesday I put gum in jwallace17's hair (-12 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-185 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Hey guys try this out http://www.crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1134513834pdx

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